Discoverer's World Academy has state of the art educational and media production facilities that together provide a revolutionary futuristic learning experience.

Each virtual field course offers far more than a meaningful educational  curriculum guaranteeing successful results.
They are also designed to provide spectacular real - to - life outdoor learning components, comparable to enjoying a virtual tour with a qualified guide!  

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What Is Virtual Field Academy

Virtual means life-like. Field Academy is an advanced field school providing both classroom & outdoor learning environments. It offers a wide range of educational courses including amazing virtual tours with learning benefits.

How To Visualise This

Think of using a qualified tour guide with in-depth knowledge. You see great sites and learn many related subjects about them - All from a professional educator in an attractive environment!




Scholars of all kinds pursuing professional diplomas, higher degrees or just wishing to increase their learning experience are given every opportunity to do so.


  Elder citizens seeking to keep their brains active to ensure a healthy mind will find many of these courses an ideal solution.


  Those seeking a real-to-life travel adventure. The list is always growing.

Learn from Industry Experts

Actionable Training

Experience the benefits of learning in a virtual field school environment.

Interesting Quizzes

Our interesting challenges greatly accelerates the learning process.

Premium Material

Enjoy access to the very best premium material at affordable prices.

Our Most Popular Courses

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Be in Demand with Our Professional Training

Graduates get to receive a well earned course completion certificate that highlights the depth of new knowledge gained. They also enjoy the prestige of mastering many in – demand topics, opening up doors of opportunity for future prospects.

Meet The Team

David Bannister

Founder & CEO

Dani Rakoff

Tour Director

Dr. Remon Rooij
Healthy Ageing

Professor Westendorp
Healthy Ageing

Dr. David van Bodegom
Healthy Ageing

Dr. Sam Minskoff Educational Consultant

Lisa Ben Yehuda

Adina Rakoff

Max Richardson

Bernice Van Eck

Jordan Miles

Gabriella Cuesta

Build Relevant Skills

Knowledge is a wonderful asset. However, without the means of applying one's learning it has limited use. Build relevant skills with the in-depth knowledge attained through our courses.

The Right Path

Get The Right Path From The Best Learning Platform! You'll never wander too far off any learning path once you have mastered the essential techniques through our courses, to keep on track.

Learn From The Professionals

A wise person knows that much can be learnt from everyday experiences in life. They also know that the best way forward in any industry oriented environment is to learn from the professionals.

Industry Partners

What Our Students Have to Say

Kevin Blackman

Dallas, USA

"I was first thinking how could anyone deliver anything even remotely close to a virtual field experience? Well, that didn't last long. They are simply the best!"

Sally Swanley


"There is only one way forward to really get the full educational experience and that is just to do it. Well done and thank you guys! I'll be recommending others."

Franklin Johnson


"I found my course more than educationally satisfying, it was a unique learning experience. Great professionalism & friendly support team."

Jason Biles

London, UK

"There are so many educational courses to choose from that I had to be very discerning in my decisions. I wish I'd discovered them sooner."