Journey The Ark Route

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Day 1:

Sunday. Jerusalem. Welcome to the ‘Trail of the Ark’.

Following an initial briefing where you will receive your ‘Welcome Pack’, we’ll drive south through ever changing scenery, until reaching the starting point of our trail in the Biblical Zin Desert. To fully appreciate the landscape endured by the Children of Israel who accompanied the Ark, we will venture deeper into the wilderness. Undertake an exciting jeep ride penetrating into a remote part of the desert. Following a lunch break by the Mitzpe Ramon overlooking its staggering crater, we will continue with our desert saga, learning more about the epic mission ahead.

Later in the afternoon you will check into your hotel room where you’ll stay for the next two nights, located close by the shore of the Dead Sea. An intrepid explorer will need a decent break from the desert environment. A first class spa complex offering inviting thermal pools, the opportunity to take a short ‘train’ journey to allow you to enter into the Dead Sea, mud treatment to unwrinkle your parched skin, perhaps followed by a swimming pool or a cool drink… all awaits your pleasure.

Dinner will be served at your hotel. Get a good night’s sleep, you’ll need it!


Day 2:

Monday. Dead Sea.

Breakfast in hotel. We continue our quest through researching the links that brought later explorers to this deepest part of the earth, many in search of connections with Israel’s biblical past. Today, we take a spectacular cable car trip to visit the historic site of Mosada. Whilst, taking the opportunity to understand the overall link this fortress has with Israel’s rich history, we will also pay special attention to any clues gleamed in connection with our mission on the trail of the Ark. Our next stop in Ein Gedi should further nourish our appetite for knowledge and by this time also for a lunch break! We take a pleasant hike to investigate a riddle found on the floor of an ancient synagogue.

Could we perhaps also shed light on the present whereabouts of the actual Ark itself that contained the original words of the Dead Sea Scrolls? Hopefully, your minds should be working overtime by now, but that shouldn’t prevent you from sinking into your comfortable hotel bed, after another sumptuous dinner.


Day 3:

Tuesday. Jordan Valley to Shilo.

We should be pretty clued up by now so the chase is on. We ascend to a spectacular look out, to see where the Children of Israel encamped before crossing the River Jordan, led by the Levites holding the Ark aloft. This is the glorious moment when Joshua ben Caleb led the people into the Promised Land. Following our jeep adventure, cable rides, walk in the desert, swim in the Dead Sea…a short ‘camel expedition’ back in time should be a breeze? Hopefully, we can pick up further clues to where our trail next leads? After an appetizing snack we should feel refreshed to journey on. Our trail takes us through the Jordan Valley, then west towards the ancient capital of Israel in Shilo. Indiana Jones would be proud of our progress as we carefully analyze interesting ruins aiming to verify the resting place of the Ark in the Tabernacle of Shilo. Learn of amazing insights that could dramatically impact upon the actual shape of Israel’s future. The Ark has left its legacy, and we will endeavor to uncover its full meaning. Our next enquiry takes us close to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Have we really traversed so much of Israel already?

We yet have two more nights in our next hotel, near the sea. For now, our evening dinner awaits!


Day 4:

Wednesday: The Coastal Plain

King Solomon’s ‘Song of songs’ likens Israel and G-d to spiritual partners. Accordingly, the plot of the best love stories often includes periods of separation, perhaps even to the verge of apparently losing sight of one’s destiny. There are many interpretations and legends concerning the Cherubim atop the Ark’s cover. Did they actually turn their heads away from each other following Israel’s loss of their most cherished possession from G-d, the written commandments in the Ark? That’s precisely what happened in today’s uncovering of the trail. We meet the original race called the Philistines that took the Ark and then plundered ancient Shilo. Have you ever wondered how Israel is faced with an often times adversary, connected with the same name as an earlier inhabitant of the land. Could the search itself for the Ark today, have any serious political or security ramifications? It’s good that we have gained experience of being deep in the desert, as we are now entering into another unknown wilderness.

Aphek Ekron (Drive east Bet Shemesh etc.)

Night 4: Coastal Plain


Day 5:

Thursday: Jerusalem

We undertake an actual archeological dig with the opportunity to discover real relics from a distant past. There is also an option for the more adventurous to tunnel through an ancient cave system! Following a well deserved lunch, we continue our trail east to Jerusalem. There we will visit the City of King David and learn about the latest excavations that continue to deepen our knowledge of an otherwise mysterious period. We are drawing close to the end of our our trail to deepen our understanding of the present location of the Ark of the Covenant. Before we depart home, glowing with exciting revelations, which will make you eager to keep track of further developments on the ‘Trail of the Ark’, we invite you to undertake one more adventure. There is an option to trek through an ancient water system that ends up by recently revealed underground steps, eventually leading directly to the Temple Mount itself. However, our own steps will lead us homeward bound, and anticipating the next episode of ‘Trail of the Ark’….


Day 6:

Friday: Qumran

The action heats up as we ascend the path towards the caves of Qumran. The fabled Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in one of these caves.

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