Jerusalem Trail

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Step back over 6,000 years in time as we journey into underground tunnels, wade through historic waterways, and discover the archaeological secrets of the City of David.

Over the past 150 years, intense research has focused on this area and the rich history it holds. A mysterious reference in the Old Testament told of David’s capture of Jerusalem, now believed to have taken place through these tunnels. We’ll take you back to the time of the First Temple, and even earlier, and show you Jerusalem’s first palace, where many believe King David himself resided.

From the Gihon Spring, fiercely protected by the people of Jerusalem as their crucial water supply, to the Kidron Necropolis, the most important cemetery in the country, this is a journey through Israel’s incredible life story.

This three-hour excursion is not for the faint-hearted, as part of the tour is underground in narrow tunnels. However, for those who brave it, expect to be rewarded with some of the richest historical sites in the world and a visit to some of the holiest places on Earth.

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