Bernice Van Eck

Introducing Bernice van Eck, an internationally acclaimed coach and media personality, and also a recipient of many awards. Bernice was recently honoured on stage with potential US presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg.

Bernice Van Eck and Michael Bloomberg in South Africa

Bernice grew up in South Africa during a period of tumultuous change.

Holistic Tours on a worldwide basis have been trending among discerning travellers, seeking a unique blend of luxury tours combined with spiritual and bodily revival. Bernice brings her personal magical touch to Discoverer’s Trail, by guiding those in need to the most satisfying of trails, that of self-discovery!

Her colourful background includes performing as a ballerina in front of the British Royal Family, being a popular well-known TV and radio hostess, a leading men’s fashion consultant, among other artistically inspired achievements. However, there is a deeper spiritual side to this charming lady that has helped countless numbers of more challenged members of society.

Bernice has tirelessly worked with different charities and safe houses for abused women and children where she teaches them therapeutic meditation, thus providing them with tools to assist them in their healing process. One might well ask why such a talented person, who looks like the good fairy in a pantomime, should undertake such a mission of mercy?

After an accident in 2006 and a near death experience, Bernice found herself in the challenging situation of having to save her own life. Using exceptional meditation and self-empowerment techniques she was able to heal her body. She has been publicly referred to as ‘a medical phenomenon’. As a result of her miraculous healing she travels the world as a personal coach helping others to awaken their own unique divine essence.

Today, Bernice has combined her media talents with her accumulated knowledge of advanced healing techniques to produce specific programs aimed at sharing her passion to help others in distress. Her Holistic Tours provides an opportunity to accompany Bernice on a journey to the world’s spiritual centres where therapeutic skills can be practiced in exotic, luxurious, natural environments.

Discoverer’s Trail is honoured to have Bernice van Eck on board as both a Trail Partner and an expert in Holistic Tours. For an opportunity to be part of her exclusive tours please contact us here