Intelligence Cycle

The course objective is to teach students a key method of undertaking any trail associated with a mission of discovery. For example, the Trail of the Ark relies on both scientific and religious sources to achieve optimum results. The Intelligence Cycle course provides excellent tools for gathering information and using it in a logical method.

This course has been developed using military intelligence components vital to achieving mission goals. It is an excellent tool to use in all walks of life. Students of this course will be able to better follow other Trail Courses and also hone in on a skill that can benefit them in other subjects too.

 TheIntelligence Cycle course is presented in an exciting format allowing a feel for its military based applications and its extension into other environments.

Body & Soul Revival Trail

A Life Changing Spiritual program, touring the promised land, will lead you on an incredible inner journey to your true self. Uncover the mysteries of the cosmos, as ancient wisdom flows connecting you to the outer and inner dimensions of self, through Sacred energy places and a timeless world of mysticism.

Ancient myths, sacred rituals and the connection of masculine and feminine in energetically charged spaces creates an opportunity for a voyage of transformation like no other. This exploration of ancient places of power and workshops with our wisdom keepers, will touch the core of your being as the union of heart and consciousness, switch you onto a higher plane of living our human journey.

Holy Lands Pilgrimage


Is it possible to undertake a journey through time starting from the present day and experiencing incredible insights into our shared past? The simple answer is yes! We shall not only follow in the footsteps of famous Biblical characters but also unearth ancient secrets on the way.

And with Discoverer's Trail acting as your guide - you become the hero of your own adventure!


The aims of this tour:

  1. We aim to discover the Hebrew roots of our faith, and importantly of Jesus. Accordingly, we explore the trail of the Biblical forefathers, which led through King David to Jesus of Nazareth. Following this trail, it becomes easier to connect to the Hebrew character of Yeshua, the original name of Jesus.

  2. A key objective is to gain an exclusive insight into the unfolding story of the Hebrew Nation, up to and including her present day situation. This spectacular tour includes gaining a deeper insight into Jerusalem, the city of which our prayers for its eternal peace are constantly in our minds.

  3. It would be misleading to suggest that we don’t intend to have an action packed safe and fun experience!


Dream Travel Space Trail

Enrol in this sci-fi adventure that explores the furthest reaches of universal time. Space Trail is a branch of our Biblical Science course, which goes deeper into the scientific version of the creation story. Learn about the Big Bang theory and how it led to the first atomic particles from which our universe expanded from.