Judah & Israel Revival Program

In ancient times Judah and Israel were united under King David. Following his death, Judah to the south was separated from the northern lands of Israel. Today, while the State of Israel encompasses much of the the same territory found during the time of King David, three regions are still not fully under Israeli sovereignty. 

Judah includes much of the land east of Jerusalem. Biblical Israel includes the Shomron in the central hill country and the northern Golan Heights. All three regions are regarded as disputed territory and subject to international pressure. Thousands of Jewish settlers have been living there for many generations and seek full recognition as being an integral part of the rest of the State of Israel. 

Revival is a non-political movement that celebrates the Jewish rebirth on their ancestral land. It’s main goal is to enhance the Jewish reconnection with the Biblical Homeland. This is being accomplished through a series of festivals and other events.      

Judah & Israel Revival Program

This program provides an educational insight from the biblical and historical background of the region, through to its present status and future plans. It is unique in that it seeks to enhance prospects of peace through increasing friendly ties between Jews and Palestinians living in close proximity. The program has four sections. 

Section 1 – educational overview of Judah, Shomron and the Golan. 

Section 2 – interactive program with a virtual tour.

Section 3 – provides optional live tour destinations.

Section 4 – live Judah & Shomron tour provided by a partner operator.

Section 5 – post tour program encouraging further connectivity with the region.    

Healthy Ageing

Healthy Ageing

Many health complaints, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes or joint problems seem inescapable diseases of old-age, but originate mostly from our lifestyle. A lifestyle that is dictated much in part by our environment. The mismatch between our ‘old’ genes – our evolutionary heritage – and the ‘modern’ environment is the reason that we cannot resist the constant stimuli that seduce us to make unhealthy choices. Do’s and don’ts cannot help us. This health course will take a radically different approach to showing you how to secure a lifestyle, which will keep you healthy through the ages. We have to let the environment do the work for us. By making small changes at our home, work, school or neighbourhood, healthier choices can become easier or even unconscious. Practical assignments will give you the skills to re-design your daily environments to promote healthy, longer lives for you and your family, colleagues and neighbors with whom you share your re-designed environments. You will learn how to create your own healthy living zone! We will take you on excursions to Copenhagen, Denmark and to Ghent, Belgium to show you hands-on how the environment can help you live longer, healthier and happier lives!
Understand how the current ageing process is different from the ageing process of the past. Gain insights on how your lifestyle and environment is influencing your health and ageing process. Understand the importance of the environment in the ageing process. Re-design your daily environment to nudge yourself and other people to healthy choices. How to advise policy makers on the health impact of day-to-day public environments.
Healthy ageing in 6 steps - Let the environment do the work by TU Delft OpenCourseWare is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Based on a work at https://ocw.tudelft.nl/courses/healthy-aging-6-steps/.

Intelligence Cycle

The course objective is to teach students a key method of undertaking any trail associated with a mission of discovery. For example, the Trail of the Ark relies on both scientific and religious sources to achieve optimum results. The Intelligence Cycle course provides excellent tools for gathering information and using it in a logical method.

This course has been developed using military intelligence components vital to achieving mission goals. It is an excellent tool to use in all walks of life. Students of this course will be able to better follow other Trail Courses and also hone in on a skill that can benefit them in other subjects too.

 TheIntelligence Cycle course is presented in an exciting format allowing a feel for its military based applications and its extension into other environments.

Body & Soul Revival Trail

A Life Changing Spiritual program, touring the promised land, will lead you on an incredible inner journey to your true self. Uncover the mysteries of the cosmos, as ancient wisdom flows connecting you to the outer and inner dimensions of self, through Sacred energy places and a timeless world of mysticism.

Ancient myths, sacred rituals and the connection of masculine and feminine in energetically charged spaces creates an opportunity for a voyage of transformation like no other. This exploration of ancient places of power and workshops with our wisdom keepers, will touch the core of your being as the union of heart and consciousness, switch you onto a higher plane of living our human journey.

Holy Lands Pilgrimage


Is it possible to undertake a journey through time starting from the present day and experiencing incredible insights into our shared past? The simple answer is yes! We shall not only follow in the footsteps of famous Biblical characters but also unearth ancient secrets on the way.

And with Discoverer's Trail acting as your guide - you become the hero of your own adventure!


The aims of this tour:

  1. We aim to discover the Hebrew roots of our faith, and importantly of Jesus. Accordingly, we explore the trail of the Biblical forefathers, which led through King David to Jesus of Nazareth. Following this trail, it becomes easier to connect to the Hebrew character of Yeshua, the original name of Jesus.

  2. A key objective is to gain an exclusive insight into the unfolding story of the Hebrew Nation, up to and including her present day situation. This spectacular tour includes gaining a deeper insight into Jerusalem, the city of which our prayers for its eternal peace are constantly in our minds.

  3. It would be misleading to suggest that we don’t intend to have an action packed safe and fun experience!


Dream Travel Space Trail

Enrol in this sci-fi adventure that explores the furthest reaches of universal time. Space Trail is a branch of our Biblical Science course, which goes deeper into the scientific version of the creation story. Learn about the Big Bang theory and how it led to the first atomic particles from which our universe expanded from.

Trail of the Ark – Does Such A Trail Exist

About preconceived ideas that the  trail actually does exist

It is important to point out that this course is intended to follow academic guidelines to achieve any substantial goals. Accordingly, while we explore a number of hypothesis associated with the subject matter, it is only what can be substantiated that really counts. As this is an ongoing trail, new information is constantly being discovered and assessed. It is this dynamic situation that makes the course such a meaningful experience.

The course objective is to teach students the best ways to approach a search for the lost Ark of the Covenant. It also focuses on awareness for the potential of uncovering other information on the trail, seemingly related or not, which could be just as exciting!

Bible and Science

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Course Description

This course studies the critical areas that either separates or compliments key religious and scientific topics.  

  • Creation Theory
  • Biblical Miracles
  • Questions of Faith
  • Source Research
  • Social Media Influencing

While, this course is sensitive to questions of faith, it gently explores issues that have historically served to cause friction between secular and religious adherents.