Ein Gedi Kibbutz

Kibbutz and Botanical Garden 

Since the 7th century C.E. there has not been a Jewish settlement in Ein Gedi. Ein Gedi became part of the Jewish State in the United Nations Partition Resolution.  In1953 a Nahal group was assigned to this area as part of military service and agricultural development. Three years later Kibbutz Ein Gedi was founded a “garin.” Nucleus of persons came from the North (the area of Haifa) they worked very hard, cleaning the field from stones in order to be able to grow a green patch.

Eventually in 1960 they moved to the place where the kibbutz is now situated. After the Six Day War the entire western shore from north to south became part of Israel. Seeds were brought from around the world and the plants adapted themselves to their new habitat very successfully.  The garden has resident species and cultural refugees from birds: palm trees, etc. The 900 different species had to be identified, and now   it is   the tropical branch of The Botanical Garden of the Hebrew University.  There are baobab trees (their flowers are pollinated by bats) ciba trees (green trunk full of chlorophyll), a fichus tree (enormous but only 40 years old), papaya trees, myrrh, etc.