The Tunnel Legend

David Bannister, a licensed tour guide, has been associated with the Trail of the Ark project for more than a decade. David has maintained a firm approach to anything of a legendary nature, by investigating the facts through scientific resources, as well as sharing the actual legends themselves.

In recent years, David was invited by prominent Hollywood movie makers to help in the production of a series of documentary movies. The excerpt of the one below, features the legend of a possible tunnel between Jerusalem and Qumran. It is pertinent to point out that David Bannister is still in the process of examining many points raised in the following video as to the veracity of the information contained within.  However, there are current excavations being undertaken in the general area of Qumran that David has been associated with. His point of view is that one should not predetermine the outcome of any scientific mission. Quite often, the actual results, while differing from one’s hoped for outcome, can be far more meaningful than any attempt to prove the existence of any particular concept. One example is the recent discovery of further scrolls in the Qumran region, which was uncovered while investigating a potential tunnel.

Ongoing excavations around Qumran, particularly in caves, might yet lead to monumental discoveries.