What you will experience

The aim of this course is to provide an above average exploration of a geographical area rich in history, geology, and much else.

While much of the content is educational, the delivery of this material is provided through a virtual tour format. What does that mean? During challenging times when travel is deemed hazardous, the sense of wanting to visit exciting places has not waned. Discoverer’s World is developing a platform that offers a virtual educational tour, which closely resembles the real thing. While, undertaking the virtual tour components of this educational tour, there is the exciting prospect of experiencing the sites for real as part of a later live tour program.

Discoverer’s World has arranged with its partners to provide a full 100% credit for any future related live tour program, equivalent to the cost of this course. That means that you will have undertaken this course for free!

As this course is designed to be taken with the assistance of a fully licensed tour guide, there will be additional components to be aware of. While, arrangements will be made in direct contact with the assigned guide, the general platform of this course will include the use of social media communication tools such as Zoom, Skype, Google, etc. The choice of that communication platform will be decided between you and your licensed guide, together with times of contact and other related matters.