Dead Sea

What was the Abraham connection with the Dead Sea region?

The bible has many references to Abraham’s connection with the Dead Sea region. One of the earliest relates to the incident of Abraham parting company with his nephew Lot, in order to avoid strife between them. Lot is given first choice to chose where he wishes to settle. He gazes over the then fertile soil of the southern border of the Dead Sea, and decides to reside in the city of Sodom.

A later account tells of the epic battle following the rebellion between four kingdoms against five kingdoms. Lot gets captures and is rescued through the daring deeds of his uncle Abraham. Much of the fighting takes place around the bitumen pits of the Dead Sea.

Following Lot’s return to Sodom, the story takes a dramatic twist. God sends angels to destroy the wicked towns of Sodom and Gomorrah. Abraham tries to negotiate on behalf of the doomed residents but fails when it becomes obvious that there is no redeemable element living there, worthy of saving. However, one of the angels will rescue Lot and his daughters from the inferno that turns the southern Dead Sea into an almost nuclear – type¬† disaster area.