Shiloh, Ariel & Barkan

The Central Hill Country of Israel runs through the West Bank territory known as the Shomron. Abraham made a long trek along what is now recognised as the Trail of the Forefathers. It cuts through the ancient capital of Israel, Shiloh, where the Ark of the Covenant was kept for 369 years. Abraham received a blessing from God on Baal Hatzor, just south of Shiloh. It was there that he was able to survey the land that would be inherited by his offspring, as promised by God.

Ariel is one of the fastest growing towns in the West Bank with over 20,000 inhabitants. It has a university recently given fuller recognition by President Trumps’ ambassador to Israel, David Friedman. It is in Ariel that the Israeli-Palestinian Economic Forum’s founder Avi Zimmerman also established the Shomron Chamber of Commerce.

Traveling west of Ariel is one of the most remarkable industrial zones worldwide. Barkan is home to numerous enterprises that are profitably run by a joint management of local Jewish settlers and Palestinians. It is living proof of what can be achieved given the chance to be developed without international condemnation, which is critical of Israel’s policies in the West Bank without ever seeing the results of such a multicultural achievement.