Common Terms

Trail of the Ark aims to combine serious academic and scientific methodology, with an open mind to investigating less orthodox sources of information. Providing an entertaining format is of prime consideration throughout this process. Accordingly, we have adapted proven project management techniques to align with these goals. This means taking a fresh approach to common terms to enable us to better integrate them into our own operating system. While often dealing with challenging content, we try to utilise a user-friendly approach through breaking components into their most simplistic elements. Therefore, the following common terms can be taken as a flexible tool to be used as the occasion requires.

The following common terms are also covered in greater detail in course lessons.

Tracking refers to the process of following the progress of others looking to progress on their own trail of gathering information. No apologies are given for including this skullduggery approach! We are intent upon both getting to the truth and having an enjoyable experience in the process. That said, we do employ an ethical path of gathering information that includes giving credit where its due.

Back Tracking is interpreted as taking a look back, to investigate sources of information, whether Prime or Secondary Sources. It is useful to bear in mind that even those we are tracking might be employing their own Back Tracking techniques.

Prime Source of information is associated with the original source of information. For example, it could include a firsthand witness to an event, in which case the documents containing that eye-witness description is also considered a Prime Source.

Secondary Source relates to something more distance from that Prime Source of information we are interested in but having a valuable contribution to offer. This provides a wide field of possibilities. For example, it could include the writings of gifted scholars with an impressive interpretation of the original information. Other examples are folklore based on oral traditions, testimony of leading figures that lived close to the time or place of our Prime Source, etc.  Under this category, we include the information gathered by those we are tracking on the trail, as appropriate.

Other common terms will be introduced in the next related course.