Future state

The desired change & end goal

Moving forward, finding compatible ground between the secular and religious approach towards solving many biblical mysteries can be a desirable outcome. That means accepting that the end result may turn out inconclusive, but at least that in itself would be a more satisfactory outcome than doggedly pursuing an unsubstantiated idea. After all, it is widely accepted that religious faith often begins when all attempts at rationality fails.

That does not equate faith in any negative light but just assigns it to a higher realm of understanding, one that is beyond our own human comprehension to grasp. In reaching that conclusion, one is prepared to admit the shortcomings of the human brain in deference to the existence of a higher divine entity. While, it is therefore possible to reach an inconclusive outcome without undermining one’s own inner faith, it is equally possible to reach a positive conclusion based on the same degree of rationality, which can also be achieved through combining secular and religious information sources.

Archaeology, earth sciences, history, as well as scripture, all have a key part to play in helping to locate missing artefacts. The bible is often the starting point that provides the very information that such an object was recorded for posterity in the first place. It then naturally follows that a physical search for the object is greatly helped through systematic excavations and that in turn relies on other secular items of information.

Accordingly, by keeping an open mind into all the available relevant sources pertaining to the subject of our quest, we areĀ  greatly enhancing our chance of success, even if it’s a matter of reaching any outcome at all.

Why it matters to learn these subjects

Gaining a basic understanding of key scientific, academic and religious information and its inherent principles will be of consequence when it comes to undertaking a meaningful mission.

How life can change for the better

In summary, following the guidelines set out in this course one will be better equipped to face the very real challenges ahead, not only in relation to the search for the missing Ark of the Covenant, but also for the many associated mysteries that we’ll come across in the process. Indiana Jones was more than a remarkable man of action with his heroic stunts. His fictitious character also served as a role model for being an educated person in both the sciences and religious knowledge. Achieving even that one goal alone, can help brighten one’s life!