Who this course is for

While, this course is designed for a broad audience, it can be of particular interest to those with a special orientation towards the subject matter and its wider appeal. Certainly, those of us brought up with the exciting Indiana Jones story of Raiders of the Lost Ark are likely to get a thrill following this educational adventure. However, it has a far greater reach that is worth looking into.

This course has an educational component that takes a serious academic look into the subject of looking for missing biblical artefacts in general. Included are archaeological, historical, geographic, as well as biblical content that is of fundamental importance to our quest. Digging deeper, this course offers a segue into some of our other scientifically based modules such as earth sciences, which helps the diligent student to gain deeper insights into the trail.

The Trail of the Ark is more than an educational adventure course. It follows real life explorers we are in close contact with on a shared expedition to cast light on the disappearance of the Lost Ark. Furthermore, to date it has also served to cast light on other equally important biblical mysteries.

Senior citizens might find a pleasant challenge in following this course as it is also designed to be both stimulating and easy to comprehend. It is a proven fact that learning is a key factor in helping the elderly to pursue a healthier lifestyle with strong mental skills. Aside from which, much of this course provides sheer escapist fun! Think of it like a virtual tour and explore from the comfort of home.

Students of all ages should be rewarded for their patience in pursuing this course as it will enhance their understanding of many essential subjects that are associated with this quest.

It is also family friendly and as the course grows will be able to provide interactive elements that can lead to a fun experience shared between all members of the family, regardless of age. So that only leaves one option left? let’s get on the trail!