Thur: Rebuilt Modern Jerusalem – Shuk Tasting – Temple Mount Project – City of David

Flames require fuel. Carrying the torch forward requires a strong sense of a shared history and purpose. Biblical archaeology is the science of uncovering elements of the past that helps put that common ancestry into better perspective. Following a hands on excavation we venture onwards to see the incredible results of others that helped uncover an amazing part of the Biblical narrative, nothing less than the actual temple walls!

  • Shuk Tasting

  • Sifting at Temple Mount Project

  • City of David

  • Western Wall

  • Old City Walking Tour – See Beyond The Veil

Thur: Cana – Mt. Tabor – Nazareth – Megiddo – Abraham’s Well – Desert Camel Caravan – Bedouin Hospitality – Star Gazing – Glamping

We’re truly entering a time capsule and travelling several centuries back in time to share the experiences of our forefathers, the Patriarchs. However, we will still get to enjoy fun experiences that have only recently become available. Plus…well let’s not give any spoilers away?

  • Cana – Mt. Tabor – Megiddo – Bypass Sites of Favourite Biblical Stories

  • Abraham’s Well

  • Bedouin Hospitality

  • Desert Camel Caravan on the Spice Route!!

  • Star Gazing and Navigation skills

  • O/N Glamping Negev desert

Thur 18: Negev Desert – Rappelling – Midnight Star Gazing


  • Late Depart for the Negev

  • Abraham’s Well

  • Rappelling over Mitzpe Ramon

  • Desert Dinning 

  • Star Gazing – Israel Negev Night Sky – Only international Dark Sky Park in the World

  • Late Night Return to Tel Aviv

                  O/N TA

Sunday: Morning Mass – Ein Kerem – Yad Vashem – John the Baptist – King David – Judah Wilderness – Dead Sea – Jesus Temptation – Qumran

It is time to venture out into the wilderness. The Patriarchs and their offspring were no strangers to undertaking a lengthy journey through a barren terrain. However, we will make that expedition from a more accessible starting point.

  • Morning Mass

  • Yad Vashem

  • Ein Kerem

  • Ein Gedi – The Hiding Place of King David

  • Dead Sea

King David
  • Story of John the Baptist

  • Qumran – Exclusive Insight into Major Archeological Expedition

Sunday: Ancient Blessing Ceremony – City Of David Subterranean Tour – Authentic Biblical Cuisine


  • Hotel Breakfast

  • Orientation and Ceremonial Blessing Overlooking Ancient Jerusalem

  • The City of David

  • Lunch – Eucalyptus Authentic Biblical Cuisine

  • Subterranean Tour – A Mysterious, Magical Journey Between Ancient Shafts, Walls and Water Gushing Tunnels. Follow Darkened Ancient Subterranean Passages Beneath The City of David – The Place Where Jerusalem Was Born, And The Love Affair With The Holy City Is Sealed

  • Hotel Dinner

Carry the Torch 2020 – Way of the Patriarchs

The aims of this tour:

  1. We aim to discover the Hebrew roots of our faith, and importantly of Jesus. Accordingly, we explore the trail of the Biblical forefathers, which led through King David to Jesus of Nazareth. Following this trail, it becomes easier to connect to the Hebrew character of Yeshua, the original name of Jesus.

  2. A key objective is to gain an exclusive insight into the unfolding story of the Hebrew Nation, up to and including her present day situation. This spectacular tour is timed to coincide with Jerusalem Day, the city of which our prayers for its eternal peace are constantly in our minds.

  3. It would be misleading to suggest that we don’t intend to have an action packed safe and fun experience!