Educational Course

The client can enjoy an educational course related to the chosen tour, and use it for a specified period of time at one's own leisure. Licensed tour guides are also considered as educators, able to relate to a virtual tour as a learning experience.

Virtual Tours

While the market place is yet to fully develop virtual tours that sell, educational courses are better known as commercial products. Accordingly, there is added value whether marketing an educational tour with a related virtual travel experience, or vice-versa.     

Customised Historic Animations

Client Communication

Licensed guides interact with their clients through internet communication platforms such as Skype, Google Hangout, Zoom, etc. Our platform has features that allows both guide and client to additionally share notes, as well as a note taking app for the client to use during lessons, tours, etc.

User Friendly Service

Additionally to the program, the guide can participate in a direct session with the client. Times and extra fees will be managed between the two parties. The program can be paused at any point for interactive needs. Additional content such as photos, maps, etc., can then be shared.

A full setup and manual assistance will be provided to participating tour guides. 

In the following video, Sean represents the licensed tour guide. He has virtual assistants on hand, in this case it is Dean. The licensed tour guide will simply replace the role of Sean, providing both a facial image and voice over content. This content upload will be part of an easy to undertake setup process.